Initial Start Up

Elawyering is the premise behind the semi-virtual firm Dogwood Law Corporation. Our vision is to build a globally recognized law firm, renowned for using innovation in legal practice, which allows lawyers freedom in work life balance and thus prosperity both monetarily and in quality of life.

Dogwood is seeking to expand and as such,  we are eager to assist in building satellite offices around British Columbia. We are looking for like minded individuals, who are self initiating, motivated and moderately tech savvy. We provide a turn key solution to starting your own legal practice!! 

Initial Start up Cost only $750.00 Includes:

  • 90 day probationary period
    (At the end of which either party can agree to part ways amicably)
  • Systems orientation – to learn the proprietary computer operating programs and secured server
  • Business cards, mouse pad, 2 magnets
  • Applicable access keys
  • Email address, Fax number, Telephone Number


As an Associate of Dogwood lawyers receive;

Unlimited online access to Dogwood Law’s computer operating programs and secured server– accessible from ANY internet device
Office Manager  – Responsible for all booking keeping services; accounts receivables, PST, GST, TAF, reporting, tracking, paying
  • Telephone reception and in person reception
  • Access to Regus Office 310 for meetings with clients
  • Unlimited* access to Regus work pods
  • 4 hours per month of one-on-one mentor-ship
  • 2 hours per month of mentoring to less experienced lawyers
  • Weekly Skype lawyers meeting – open forum

Unlimited access to job shadow other Dogwood lawyers*

*Subject to availability

Marketing Requirements (Including but not limited to):

  • Monthly 700 word article for website content
  • Weekly contribution to social media campaign

Associate Monthly Fee 40% of receipts with a minimum of $2,000.00 plus GST

With you can make an impact, build your own clientele, work you own hours and essentially work to live, not live to work! Apply Now

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