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Where innovation in legal practice meets reality.

In today’s world life truly moves swiftly, so to do the changes in legal practice. By embracing technology lawyers will be able to keep up with the times. But is that really enough?  In an effort to be prosperous, solo practitioners keep putting in 80+ hours per week; missing out on that which money cannot buy…

Here at elawyering.ca, we do no longer subscribe to that ‘treadmill’ philosophy. There isn’t any need to. Efficient use of technology allows for greater flexibility. You can easily tailor your lifestyle desires with the demands of a full time or part time practice.

  • Parental responsibilities?

    Yes you can work from home and head into the office only on specific days of the week.

  • Winding down a practice?

    Yes, it is possible to work part time without the cost of full time overhead.

  • Starting up a practice?

    Yes, you can get support from senior members of the bar!


Each associate lawyer builds and maintains his or her own legal practice and  contributes to the collegiality of the firm. Each lawyer is free to pursue the legal career of their choosing whilst collectively supporting the evolution of legal practice. Such flexibility allows legal practitioners to find the balance they have been missing yet searching for.

If you already utilise a computer and cell phone, all you need is entrepreneurial drive, and you too can enjoy practicing law with elawyering.ca


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